Tim Andrews Associates

Is your company considering starting a sales and marketing presence in a foreign country? Are you concerned that the market for your products and services may not be as good as you might hope? Are you concerned at the size of the up-front costs of setting up a company, and the ongoing costs of tax filings, audits and other filings, and the potential additional costs of unwinding everything if it does not work out?

We have a solution for you. Our solution will enable you to have employees in a foreign country or countries, without the US company having an obligation to register an entity, file income tax, VAT or payroll returns. But in such a way as to be compliant with both local and US rules.

Our solution will give you a low cost means of testing the market, setting up an initial presence, or indeed ultimately a long term solution as appropriate. If a permanent registered presence is considered viable then this can be subsequently set up. If not, significant costs are avoided.

We provide these services in Western Europe through a network of companies that we own. For more details please follow this link

International PEO Operations