Tim Andrews Associates

International PEO Services

We provide services that enable a company to expand their overseas presence without creating a local registration for the company in a manner that is simple, rapid, compliant and cost effective. They are contracted through our US based company.

International PEO (IPEO) and Outsourced Employment Services

When a client company employs an individual in a foreign country the client company will be required to comply with a myriad of local laws and may have to create a subsidiary or register a branch, and register for income and value added/sales taxes.

To simplify the process, we will employ that individual selected by the client company as Employer of Record in the foreign country using an already established entity.

The client company will not need to research the local laws, appoint local legal advisors or employ accounting firms.

We will ensure that all local laws are complied with, a local law contract of employment or the equivalent is in place with the chosen employee and we will run payroll and make all required payments to the tax authorities and the employee, including approved expense reimbursements.

We will advise on the structure of the remuneration package including typical benefits, and will provide statutory benefits as required and supplementary benefits as agreed.


We and the client company will firstly enter into a contract for services. Once this is in place and our initial set up fee has been settled we will request details of the prospective employee and the terms that have been agreed with the client company. We can assist in determining what package is appropriate in the relevant country

We will provide a draft contract of employment for the employee which once approved will be executed by the employee and our local entity.

We will obtain all the personal information we need to register the employee on our payroll, and will set up any benefits that are required and agreed.

The employee will be working on a full time basis for the client company and will on a day to day basis report to the designated manager at the client company. The employee will work entirely on behalf of the client company and can represent that he does so. Legally the employee will be an employee of our local entity.

Client Company will receive an invoice on a monthly basis which will include all the employee costs, benefits, expenses reimbursed or other costs plus our fees. Our recurring fees are a fixed amount per month per employee.

Where We Provide Services

Please see our country list here. The countries where we provide services is continually expanding.

Benefits to Client Companies

  • Simplest means of hiring an employee in a foreign country in a compliant manner
  • Enables a company to place resources in a new market without investing head office management time on creating infrastructure
  • If the country does not work out the company can withdraw (subject to local employment law issues) without needing to dismantle infrastructure
  • Provides flexibility in that employee can be hired through us indefinitely or until such time as the client company wishes to establish a local registered presence