Tim Andrews Associates

Why Use Us?

Our value proposition is simple. In each of our clients' situations, we use our extensive experience, full knowledge of the issues both in terms of what is required in a local jurisdiction and the proven simple and practical solutions to quickly develop the alternatives and recommend an optimum solution for that client. We do not reinvent anything, and only invent new solutions where they are needed or advantageous.

As Tim Andrews Associates we only do what we are expert at doing. We work with an extensive network of local law and accounting firms across Europe and in the wider world to provide our clients with legal and accounting services. These firms work through us so that our clients - at least in the initial start-up phase - need only deal with us.

We are always available to our clients, both in the country of set up and in the United States of America. We are present in the United States on a regular basis to meet with you at your convenience.

We will always work with your advisors in the USA, as you require, to ensure that they have an understanding of the nature of your foreign operation and agree the structure of the operation is consistent with your global strategy.

Tim Andrews Associates will provide you with a true quality service - but at a very acceptable cost.

Why use us?